The Bombettes


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USA, we are ready to get back!


This was the weirdest and most fun tour in a crazy way. Everything we planned got burned to the ground but we fought back and made the best memories a band can make. We are ready to get back, are you?

Hook us up with shows!


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As important as it is to get out and play is the hanging out part. Next week we’ll all, including Elin, meet up and talk about Austin. All the things that happend, that didn’t happen, that could have happend and so on. Feels great.

We’ll also start planning for the next couple of months. Rehearsing, making some new songs and maybe even book a gig a two for later on this summer.

Next stop

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Puh, back home again after a long journey. Up next for The Bombettes is the  in-door festival Umeå Open.
Won’t be playing a gig though, but dj:ing for two nights. So, if you’re in Umeå don’t miss our wierd and personal mix of music.

Everything comes to an end.

by thebombettes

Bye for now SXSW/Austin! We had a blast.

Gimme gimme some lovin’

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Friends, the visitor stats can see you. Show us some love and leave a comment.
We’d like to know y’all exist for real.



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Dear friends, we are getting close to the end of the Bombettes at SXSW. See us at the Continental Club around 4 pm today.

Some songs about sundays (from me to you girls)

and last but not least!



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Who the #€%& play a show at noon….?  Well, we do. It’s a first for everything.
Double it up today, playing two shows.
First, Cedar Street Courtyard, 208 West 4th Street at 12 pm
Second gig, Cheapo Records at 3 pm.

After that, only free food and drinks can decide.

See you!

Girls girls girls!

by thebombettes

An update from Umeå. Celebrated my own SXSW-evening tonight. Served texmex for dinner, drank fake maragaritas & served ice cream for dessert. Sort of my own ”ice cream social”. As the guest left they said they’d had the best time ever in fake-Austin.

/ Elin

Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social.

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Schedule here!

Gig #1 / BD Riley’s 8.00 pm

by thebombettes

Check this place tonight. We’ll be there!